Laravel Echo and broadcasting from a package

While implementing Laravel Echo for a package I found an small problem. By default Laravel Echo looks in App\Events for events, and therefor I could not listen to the...

ImagickException – cache resources exhausted

It says i all. Increase the memory limits for Imagick and you should be fine. However, it does not help to just add more memory in php.ini, instead you...

Laravel Eloquent Query log

Sometimes it can be tricky to narrow down a faulty relationship. There is a enableQueryLog() which can help you in cases like this DB

Generate time ranges with Carbon

In PHP there is no need to be clever with arrays, especially if you are using Laravel and Collections. There is a function for allmost anything. No need to invent...

Laravel Dusk: This version of ChromeDriver only supports XX

This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 78 Laravel <5.8 projects, download this pacjage composer require --dev staudenmeir/dusk-updater php artisan dusk:update Check this version