Manually set path to PHP for Composer

Since macOS 15.0 Monteray, Apple is not shipping PHP as part of the OS. This can sometimes cause some problems for Composer when /usr/bin/php is no more. Also, the tighter...

Making a unsecure webcam stream secure without PHP

Here comes a small tip serving an insecure non-HTTPS video stream as HTTP. If you run an Nginx web server, you can use its proxy feature to pass on the...

Composer update gives Undefined index: name

If you get an exception like running composer update in an older Laravel-project. In PackageManifest.php line 122:

Imagick: not authorized

If you get an exception like this when converting using Imagick: convert-im6.q16: not authorized `my-

Log an object in Laravel

In later versions of Laravel there is no need to use print_r() nor json_encode() in your log statements if you want to log an object. Use the second...