Inside – must have game for AppleTV

I am not a big gamer and do not really care about games anymore. Maybe it’s a sign of my age, but most Playstation and Xbox games are too complicated and the investment in time learning the game make me lose interest.


But every once and then I try new games on the AppleTV, which are usually more casual games.

Yesterday I discovered INSIDE, and it reminded me of the old Amiga game Flashback and Another World! The game was actually released for Xbox in 2016 and ported and released to AppleTV in December 2017

Like Flashback, INSIDE is what I would describe as a “cinematic platformer action-adventure puzzle game”. The graphics are truly amazing, did not know that you could squeeze so much out of an Apple (non-4K). The sound design is incredible and adds loads to the overall atmosphere of the game.

One of the things that make Inside so beautiful is there’s absolutely no UI or any visual clutter beyond turning your device into a window looking inside of this strange world. Unfortunately, that also sometimes leads to what can be best described as adventure game pixel hunting.

Inside starts with a bang, with absolutely no introduction. The game loads, and there you are, a boy running through the woods. You continue running to the right, and quickly begin to realize that something isn’t right here.

The gameplay is smart done, and the difficulty of the puzzles are exactly the right for me.

On iOS, with a touchscreen, it’s quite hard to control as the Siri remote too. However, we got a Steel Series Nimbus, which is highly recommended and makes controlling much easier.

The beginning of the game is free so you can try it out before buying.