WIP: Laravel naming guide

After digging in Laravel’s documentation and some other repositories, this seems to be more or less a consensus. Some go without saying like the Eloquent conventions, others are more up to you. I made this list for my self.

If you have any suggestions, do a pull request: https://github.com/jannejava/laravel-naming-guide

Type Rule Suffix Example
Class PascalCase   MyClass.php
Controller singular Controller PostController.php
Model singular,   Post.php
Table plural, snake_case   user_posts
Columns plural, snake_case   created_at
Route plural   users/{username}/ban
Named route dot-notation, snake-case   settings.team
Method camelCase   getUsersPosts()
Variable camelCase   $post
View kebab-case   session-expired.blade.php
Config kebab-case   services-stripe.php
Event subject for event a verb TeamDeleted.php
Provider   Provider AppServiceProvider.php
Command   Command InstallCommand.php
Request   Request CreateTokenRequest.php
Listener descriptive Notification? UpdateTrialEndingDate.php, SendShipmentNotification.php
Repository   Repository UserRepositry.php
Asset kebab-case   vue-bootstrap.js
Helper snake_case   array_has()

All classes uses PascalCase