My most popular blog posts 2020

These last years I have been using my blog as a kind of public notebook. If there is a problem and I find the solution, I usually make a post about it. It’s probably me that has the most value from the blog. Sometimes I go back and try to find a solution (or I see my post via Google), but it seems that others have some benefit from the blog too.

Note the first post has more views than the rest together, although published in 2018.

So here are my most popular posts in 2020 by views:

How to localize dates in PHP with Laravel and Carbon

Setup Xdebug with PHP7.2, PHPStorm and Laravel Valet

OmniPay Stripe Payment Intent Example

Laravel Valet 502 bad gateway - upstream sent too big header

Generate time ranges in Carbon

Blade Components with default values in properties

AWS in plain English

Reduce render-blocking stylesheets

VSCode and URL-schemes

Symfony Process Exit Code: 127(Command not found) on macOS