A clone saved my day

When moving to a new computer the last thing I do, after moving all the necessary files, is to make a disk image of the entire computer. I will keep this image around on a big ugly hard drive. And since big drives are cheap, I have these images stored from every computer I have owned since 2010.

Yesterday I client contacted me. They have accidentally deleted an old project I did in 2014. No backups and I have not been involved in the production of the site. But luckily I was able to dig up both files and database from a disk image.

The keep is that it takes so little effort to do these disk images and you ALWAYS forget one file or project you think you did not need.

Of course, I have all my essential stuff under version control on GitHub, with Backblaze, clones, and TimeMachine. But these things you never remembered until it’s too late.

Create a clone with Disk Utility

macOS Disk Utility

SuperDuper, indie-developer and great support Carbon Copy Cloner, all the features you ever will need. Has a “Safety Net”-feature.